Reading Lists for College-Bound High School Students

MIDDLE SCHOOL Reading List for College-Bound Students


 WARNING for Parents!

   Some of the following entries might be objectionable.

   Some of the following entries might contain Leftist, Socialist, Communist,
   Marxist, Anarchist, Anti-American and Anti-Capitalist propaganda and
   revisionist history.

  Middle School Reading List

  Achebe, Chinua	Things Fall Apart   
  Crane, Stephen	The Red Badge of Courage
  Dumas, Alexandre	The Three Musketeers
  Golding, William	Lord of the Flies
  Hurston, Zora Neale	Their Eyes Were Watching God
  Huxley, Aldous	Brave New World
  Lee, Harper    	To Kill a Mockingbird
  London, Jack	        The Call of the Wild
  Miller, Arthur	The Crucible
  Morrison, Toni	Beloved
  O'Neill, Eugene	Long Day's Journey into Night
  Orwell, George	Animal Farm
  Poe, Edgar Allen	Selected Tales
  Remarque, Erich Maria	All Quiet on the Western Front
  Rostand, Edmond	Cyrano de Bergerac
  Stevenson, Robert Louis	Treasure Island
  Swift, Jonathan	Gulliver's Travels
  Twain, Mark           The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  Welty, Eudora         Collected Stories
  Wright, Richard	Native Son
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